For Post-Acute Care Providers

At repisodic, we understand that connecting with patients and families as they are making care decisions is extremely important for post-acute care providers. That’s why we created our provider dashboard to allow post-acute care providers to showcase themselves on our hospital discharge solution, repisodic Choice.

Optimize Referrals

Make referrals more efficient and easy by collaborating with hospital partners using real time communication tools.

Explore Analytics

Gain insights into how patients and their families view your organization's profile, what drives them to make selections and who your biggest competition is.

Verify Insurance

Ensure that the right patients are viewing your organization as a post-hospital care option by verifying what insurance plans your organization accepts.

Highlight Services

Showcase your organization to the appropriate patients by verifying the unique medical and specialty services that your organization offers.

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Promote Your Business

Customize your profile to help patients and families feel more comfortable and confident about their post-hospital care decisions.

Media Marketing

Coordinate with Repisodic's media team to showcase your organization.

Amenities and Accreditations

Accent unique offerings of your organization like beauty salons or greenhouses.

Patient Testimonials and Marketing Descriptions

Let patients and families share their experience and advertise the benefits of your organization.

Special Programs

Highlight unique offerings like specialized wound care or dementia/memory care.

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Repisodic's patient engagement experts will work with your marketing team to coordinate photoshoots of your organization, develop curated video tours, and help you build your profile to best showcase your organization.

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