How to Find Inpatient Rehab in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for being home to many key sites from the American Revolution, but it’s also home to many inpatient rehabilitation facilities that can provide the best residential rehabilitative care for you or a loved one. repisodic has profiles of every inpatient rehabilitation facility in the Philadelphia area. Each profile has quality data and information to make it easy for you to search and compare providers to find the one that’s right for you.
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Finding the Right Senior Care

Here at repisodic, we have the profiles all the Medicare-certified inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the Greater Philadelphia area. Each profile contains important quality data, photos, reviews, and more to help you identify which provider is best for you or a loved one. repisodic is here to help you make the right care decision.

View reviews and compare the 6 Medicare certified Inpatient Rehab Facilities in Philadelphia below.

Culture and Community

Philadelphians are known for having a strong sense of community and many seniors prefer to receive rehabilitative care in their homes. Some seniors, however, require intense rehabilitation at a residential facility. For these seniors, Philadelphia has several inpatient rehabilitation facilities to address their care needs and help them regain independence so they can return to their home or assisted living community.

Need for Inpatient Rehab

In 2020, Philadelphia’s senior population (ages 65 and older) will be almost double what it was in 2000. With this growing aging population, there is an increased need for quality elder care services in the region. The care that a patient receives after a significant illness or major injury is incredibly important to their recovery; this is especially true for aging adults. Inpatient rehabilitation, also called acute rehabilitation, is one of the best ways for patients with complex medical conditions to get rehabilitative care before returning to their home or assisted living community. You can search through the profiles listed above or use repisodic’s Care Match services to identify which inpatient rehabilitation facility can best address you or your loved one’s medical and personal needs.

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