repisodic Choice
Built By Case Managers

Help patients and their families make smarter, faster decisions at hospital discharge.

Our solution helps you quickly build a customized list of post-acute care options for each patient, and then walk the patient through an informed decision process.

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Increase Satisfaction at Discharge

Patients describe selecting a health care provider from a paper list as "crazy". Our solution increases satisfaction at discharge by up to 25%.

Guide to Quality

Up to 94% of patients make poor post-acute care decisions. Meet regulatory requirements and guide patients to the highest quality providers they match to.


28% of patients refuse post-acute care at discharge because they do not understand it, leading to costly readmissions. Automatically provide education to the patients who need it.

Include Caretakers

Our interactive selection process can occur on any device, inside or outside the hospital.

Information, When You Need It

Add significant efficiencies by moving your department to a technology driven discharge process.

Less phone calls, faxes, googling and paper. A one stop location for all the information your team needs at discharge.

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